Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Memorable Visit to Sheepstor (Part 1)

Earlier this week, while visiting a good friend, James Kuo, in the county of Devon, I had the opportunity to visit  the village of Sheepstor. Many of you probably know the historical significance of Sheepstor. It is where the First White Rajah, Sir James Brooke, retired to, and where all three Rajahs were eventually buried.

Here's a photographic record of the visit ...

Fig 1: Approaching Sheepstor

Fig 2a: Burrator Reservoir

Fig 2b: Burrator Reservoir

Fig 3: Sheepstor starts from here
(L to R: James Kuo, James Yong & my dad Joseph Yong)

Fig 4: At the gate to Burrator House

Fig 5: A lovely stream by path leading to Burrator House

Fig 6a: James Kuo points in the direction of Burrator House

Fig 6b: You can see the house up ahead

Fig 7a: Burrator House where Sir James Brooke lived in his final years
(Apparently his room is on the upper floor, on the right)

 Fig 7b: Burrator House (right side view)

Fig 9: JY and JK at the front of Burrator House

Fig 10: JK and JY in front of the historic sign

Fig 11: Close-up of the sign

This is a photo of Sir James Brooke, probably in his later years ...

Well, after this we proceeded to St Leonard's Church where the Brookes were buried. Photos for that will be shared in Part 2.

Additional Information
*  Genealogy UK & Ireland - Sheepstor


  1. very informative and interesting, James and James

  2. What's so special about the Burrator Reservoir, James? Did a Brooke drown there or something?

  3. If you had been following the posts you would know that it is the place where the Brooks usually take their skinny dips. Silly cat.

  4. @Curious Cat - Not that I know of. Burrator Reservoir supplies water for the whole of Plymouth, I am told. So a very important resource for the area.

  5. Did you go inside the house? Who lives there now?

  6. James Yong:-

    Very curious to know how a man who had 2 strokes and walk up the stairs to his 1st floor (upstairs) bedroom.

  7. James Yong:-

    Very curious to know how a man who had 2 strokes and walk up the stairs to his 1st floor (upstairs) bedroom.

  8. @stephen - no, I didn't go inside. my friend JK has been inside before some years ago, when the place was a bed & breakfast. it is no more a B&B. When we knocked on the door this time, a lady came out & after explaining that we just wanted to take photos, she gave us permission.

    @vivienateng - yes, I read about the 2 strokes, but it may not have impaired him badly enough to prevent him from going upstairs. Sir James Brooke was apparently active in church matters, even collecting money for the renovation of St Leonard's.

  9. James Yong,

    This White Rajah isn't a religious man. read it from a book somewhere.