Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some Titles in My Sarawak History Collection

Here are some of the books I have collected over the years ...

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Will add more in another posting ...


  1. Pretty big collection.

  2. A fine collection you have there! One of the most beautiful books about Sarawak I've ever read is Odoardo Beccari's Nelle foresti di Borneo (Wanderings in the great forests of Borneo). While focusing on natural history, a substantial bit is about the cultural, social history of its people in the 2nd half of 1800's.

  3. thanks Alvin. I'll look for that book you mentioned.

  4. Hey James: Beccari's entire book is available free on Google Books. A million thanks for maintaining this and SJS website. I was in Lower 6 Science 1990, and spent the best years of my childhood there and in Kuching. alvin

  5. Hi.....just found your blog and really enjoyed looking through it. Good on you for starting up this site and I will check in occasionally. I have just finished reading "Sylvia: Queen of the Headhunters" by Philip Eade Printed by Phoenix,UK. 2007 I was thrilled to find the book recently at a second hand book store. I knew who Sylvia was because I visited the Sylvia fort at Kapit last year while traveling around Malaysia for a few months as well as learning about the Brooke Rajahs while in Kuching. May I recommend the book for your collection if you have not seen it. will no doubt know where to find it and others about Sarawak. It was the book that got me googling for more info on the Brookes. The other wonderful book about Sarawak that I have read since visiting there is "Into the Heart of Borneo" by Redmond O' outrageous nature trip up the upper Rajang. Aloha